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  • Museum bronze replica of Ajax the great head bust. A unique solid bronze sculpture of solid bronze, masterfully handmade with the traditional method of casting bronze, museum type oxidization and verdigris finish. The bust is mounted on a black Greek marble base.

    Ajax the great was according to Greek mythology great-grandson of Zeus. He was one of the heroes with great strength He was also the cousin of Achilles. It was believed that Ajax received his name when Heracles prayed to Zeus that a son should be born to Telemon and Eriboea. Zeus sent an eagle (aetos) as a sign. Heracles then bade the parents call their son Ajax after the eagle. He was later on most known because of the Illiads' Trojan War where he fought Hector two times.


    The great statue Aias solid bronze Ajax bust sculpture greek mythology

    SKU: S280X
    1.047,00 €Price
    • 📜 Condition: New, made in Greece
      📜 Materials: Solid Bronze
      📜 Dimensions: Width 21 cm (8.27 inches) – Height 42 cm (16.54 inches) including the marble base
      📜Weight: : 12.70 kilos
      📜 Technique: Bronze casting
      📜 Product code number: S280X