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  • Handmade cycladic figurines, identical museum reproduction of the female cycladic idol in violin-shaped, also called Cycladic Violos. Elegant greek woman statue from Cycladic bronze age which is handmade by the traditional method of casting bronze, with a museum type oxidation and a verdigris finish. Greek gifts inspired from the famous Cycladic Period of Art. This famous figure from the cyclades is mounted on a black Greek marble. The original statue, carved in marble, is exhibited in the Arcaeological Museum of Athens.

    The Cyclades, a closely packed insular complex in the central and south Aegean Sea, comprises 35 large islands and numerous smaller ones. Ancient Greek writers, who imagined that the islands formed a circle around Delos, sacred island, called them the “Cyclades”.

    The Cycladic landscape is rocky, with steep cliffs, and the climate is mild through out the year with long periods of sunshine. It is not only the strategic geographical location of the Cycladic Islands but also their significant wealth in mineral resources that favored their constant inhabitation.

    During the early Bronze Age (3200 – 2000 BC), the Cyclades were the cradle of an important civilization, the so-called “Early Cycladic” Culture.

    These primarily naked female figurines, but also life-size sculptures, have standardized features: the head is tilted back, the arms are folded under the chest in the “canonical” order (left over right), and the feet are pointed downward. These figurines point toward the fact that the individual emerges as the dominant focus of the Early Cycladic culture, even though animals, birds, etc. are still represented in artifacts during the period.

    The first figurines carved on white marble came to light in the late eighteenth century, when P. van Kneney drew attention to their existence and called them "idols" or "figurines". They probably symbolized the worship of the Mother Goddess.The abstract forms of its figurines have influenced several twentieth and twenty-first century artists.

    Cycladic Figurines, Female cycladic idol, Violin shaped figure from the cyclades

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    • • Condition: New, made in Greece

      • Materials: Bronze, patina

      • Dimensions: Width 9cm (3.54’’) – Height 24cm ( 9.44”) base included

      • Technique: Casting bronze, museum-type oxidation

      • Product code number: S598