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  • A unique handmade bronze statue of the “cruciform” figurine of Cyprus, symbol of fertility, the so-called Mother Goddess. An excellent museum reproduction, made by the traditional method of casting bronze. It is inspired by the Cypriot Chalcolithic period (3900-2500 BC), considered to be of big relevance to the Cycladic Art. The original statue is exhibited in the Museum of Nicosia, Cyprus. The idol is mounted on a black Greek marble.

    The sculpture represents a woman with her arms spread. It was probably used as a fertility symbol. Smaller versions were worn as amulets around the neck. Sometimes the horizontal portion of the is replaced by a second human form in a horizontal position.

    More than 100 examples of this form are known, predominantly made from picrolite and discovered in Middle Chalcolithic contexts. Although they clearly represent a coherent iconographical type, there is considerable variation in their size and form.


    Cyprus mother, fertility symbol bronze art handmade artifact museum reproduction

    SKU: S613
    417,00 €Price
    • • Condition: New, made in Greece

      • Materials: Bronze, patina

      • Dimensions: Width 14cm (5.51’’) – Height 21cm ( 8.26”) base included

      • Technique: Casting bronze, museum-type oxidation

      • Product code number: S613