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Our story

I have always remembered myself, ever since my childhood, being captivated by ancient Greek mythology, making up my own stories, travelling on the wings of Pegasus and Prometheus, trying to avoid Zeus’ thunders and battered by the sea in Jason’s ship during the Argonautic Expedition.

I would let my imagination run wild reshaping my parents’ true stories at sea. Sea people and Christians as they both were, they had St. Nikolas as their protector, whom my childhood mind would confuse with God Poseidon, the ruler of the Seas in ancient Greece, at the time of Pericles, Socrates and Plato. 

Growing up I realized that I was right. My country, Greece, is the ark of a civilization that is as old as 2500 years, which perpetually lights up the whole world. Ancient Greece, Byzantium, Christianity and Modern Greek history are linked together with an imperceptible and unbreakable thread. Using this thread, great Greeks, men and women, have weaved the foundations of democracy and freedom.

During the centuries, Art has praised Greece and Greece has lifted off all forms of art. Sculpture, painting, ceramics, silversmith, Christian art, as well as folk art, compose until this day a universal heritage that young and extremely talented Greek artists are constantly reaffirming.

I and my husband Yannis would like to share this heritage with you through our shop Divine Greek Art. On our website you will find handmade artifacts, originals, or replicas of museum exhibits, all having one common characteristic: they carry their own story, the glory and the beauty of the Greek light. Rhetorician Isocrates said that worthy of being called Greeks are those who share in Greek education and culture. Art is Education, Art is Culture. Greece itself is a unique work of art, created by the divine hand of a God. 

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