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  • Museum stimulated replica of medieval Greek Spartan Corinthian helmet. A precise artifact with a charioteer and a ram as engraved metopes made through the conventional technique of casting bronze and with a museum kind oxidation. Handmade duplicate of the authentic historic Greek helmets.



    Spartan corinthian Warrior Bronze Helmet Greek Key Crest Inspired Copy Greek Hop

    SKU: S178
    225,00 €Price
    • • Condition: New, made in Greece

      • Materials: Bronze, patina

      • Dimensions: Width 08 cm (3.15 inches ) – Height 16 cm ( 6.30 inches)- Total height 32 cm (12.60 inches) base included

      • Weight : Approximately 1.5 kilos (3.30 pounds)

      • Technique: Casting bronze, museum-type oxidation

      • Product code number: S178

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