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  •  Head of Diadumenos of Polyclitus, a marvellous handmade replica made traditionally by the method of casting plaster, mounted on a marble base. The Diadumenos is the winner of an athletic contest at Olympic games, still nude after the contest and lifting his arms to knot the diadem, a ribbon-band that identifies the winner and which in the bronze original of about 420 BCE would have been represented by a ribbon of bronze.

    Polyclitus Masterpiece Of Head of Diadumenos Ancient Greek Sculpture Plaster

    SKU: 308A
    188,00 €Price
    • • Condition: New, made in Greece• Materials: Plaster, patina• Dimensions: Width 11 cm (4.33’’) – Height 15 cm ( 5.90”)• Technique: casting plaster• Product code number: S308A

      • Product code number : S511

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