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  • High quality Cycladic art statue out of porestone is a perfect center piece of any modern or bohemian home or office decoration. The Cyclades, a closely packed insular complex in the central and south Aegean Sea, comprises 35 large islands and numerous smaller ones. Ancient Greek writers, who imagined that the islands formed a circle around Delos, a sacred island, called them the Cyclades.

    During the early Bronze Age (3200 – 2000 BC), the Cyclades were the cradle of an important civilization, the so-called Early Cycladic Culture. Statues and figurines that are admired even today by the people all over the world do not necessarily cost a fortune.

    This perfect porestone large statue is a great addition to your home decoration.

    Greek statue woman, large female figurine, cycladic art porestone idol

    SKU: IGNKE33
    370,00 €Price
    • 🗿 Condition: New, Handmade in Greece
      🗿 Materials: Porestone
      🗿 Circa: 3200 – 2000 BC
      🗿 Dimensions: Height 105 cm (41.34 inches)
      🗿 Weight: 17 kilos (37.47 pounds)
      🗿 Product code number: IGNKE33

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