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  •  This Hygieia head statue is a unique handmade reproduction. Hygiea (Hygieia or Hygeia) in Ancient Greek was one of the daughters of Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine, and Epione the Greek Goddess of healing. Hygiea was an important part of her father's Asclepius cult, who was associated with healing. She was more associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health, cleanliness and hygiene. Her name is the source of the word "hygiene".


    In Roman mythology, Hygieia was imported as Valetudo, the goddess of personal health and also identified with the ancient Italian goddess of social welfare, Salus.

    Hygeia's statue is an amazing piece of sculpture handmade with the traditional method of casting plaster and colored patina.

    Hygeia Head Statue Greek Goddess of Health

    SKU: S342A
    362,00 €Price
    • • Condition: New, made in Greece

      • Materials: Plaster, patina

      • Dimensions: Width 21 cm (8.26’) – Height 28 cm (11.02')

      • Technique: casting plaster

      • Product code number: S342A