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  • Krater vase with Hercules preventing 3 warriors Greek pottery replica. At the backside Ancient Greek Athletes competing withinside the Pankration In Ancient Greece, a krater or crater (κρατήρ in greek ) changed into a large vase used for blending wine with water. Kraters have been located withinside the middle of the room at a Greek symposium. They have been tough to move whilst absolutely loaded due to the fact they have been pretty large.

    For that reason, different vessels, inclusive of a Kyathos, an Amphora, or a Kylix, might be used to get rid of the wine and water combination from the krater. As it's miles defined in Homer`s Odyssey, at a Greek feast, a steward changed into taking wine from a krater and pouring it into the guests' ingesting cups. The modern-day Greek phrase krasi (κρασί), that's used for unblended wine, derives from the historic Greek phrase krasis (greek κράσις- which means blending) of wine with water in a krater vessel. The indoors of Kraters changed into glazed to make the clay floor extra immune to water and possibly for cultured purposes because the indoors changed into visible. The outdoors of a Krater normally changed into displaying scenes from Ancient Greek each day life. In historic Greece, ingesting ákratos (in greek άκρατος- which means undiluted) wine changed into appeared as a first-rate mistake which changed into sufficient to remember a drinker as an alcoholic who lacked principals and temperance. There have been 4 special varieties of Kraters, the Column, the Calyx, the Bell and the Volute. This nice fine Krater is a Bell Krater. It is absolutely handpainted with special historic Greek representations and embellished with 24 gold carat flakes. The Bells Kraters have been firstly synthetic withinside the early fifth century, making them the maximum current of the opposite 3 krater forms. Its form resembles an inverted bell with upturned handles.

    Hercules Krater Vase, Ceramic vase with athletes of Pankration, Greek pottery

    157,00 €Price
    • 📜Front side: Hercules fighting three warriors in the presence of Greek goddess Athena

      📜Backside: Two Ancient Greek Athletes competing in the Pankration (Sporting event- Greek Olympic Games 648 BC) under the eyes of a judge.

      📜 Type: Black-Figure, Archaic-Classical

      📜 Circa: 500 to 470 BCE

      📜Condition: New, handmade in Greece

      📜 Materials: Ceramic

      📜 Dimensions: Width 13 cm (5.12 inches)-Height 20 cm (7.87 inches)

      📜 Weight: 700 kilograms (1.54 pounds)