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  • Museum replica of Griffin's head. A unique solid bronze sculpture of solid bronze, masterfully handmade with the traditional method of casting bronze, museum type oxidization and verdigris finish. The statue is mounted on a black Greek marble base.Griffin, also known as griffon or gryphon is a composite mythological creature with a lion’s body and a bird’s head.


    The griffin was a big decorative motive in the ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean lands. It is thought to derive from the Levant and in the 2nd millennium BCE, the griffin had spread throughout western Asia and into Greece by the 14thcentury BCE. The Greek griffin usually had a mane of spiral curls. It was shown either recumbent or seated on its haunches, often paired with the sphinx; its function may have been protective.

    Griffon Head Gryphon Statue Griffin Bronze Statue Ancient Greek Mythology

    SKU: S870
    400,00 €Price
    • 📜 Condition: New, made in Greece
      📜 Materials: Solid Bronze
      📜 Dimensions: Width 21 cm (8.27 inches) – Height 30 cm (11.81 inches) including the marble base
      📜Weight: : 5.70 kilos
      📜 Technique: Bronze casting
      📜 Product code number: S870

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