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  • A extraordinary solid citation Spartan helmet, consummately handwrought with the traditional system of chucking citation, gallery- category oxidization, and verdigris break off. The helmet is mounted on a black Greek marble base. The Corinthian helmet was depicted on further puppets than any former helmet. It looks like the Greeks are romantically associating it with glory and the history. These types of helmets are defined as a helmet that completely covered the face of the Hoplite( Greek legionnaire) and only had two openings for the eyes and the nose.


    As it evolved over time, the shapes of the Corinthian helmet varied- the cheeks came longer, the observance and nose holes increased. Size of the helmet additionally fluctuated over time easing its adaption to the skull.

    Ancient Greek solid bronze Helmet Spartan warrior Charriot decoration casting a

    SKU: S282121301802
    537,00 € Regular Price
    456,45 €Sale Price
    • 📜 Condition: New, made in Greece
      📜 Materials: Solid Bronze
      📜 Dimensions: Width 15 cm (5.91 inches) – Height 30 cm (11.81 inches) - Total height 45 cm (17.72 inches) including marble base
      📜Weight: 5.90 kilos
      📜 Technique: Bronze casting, museum-type oxidation
      📜 Product code number: S282121301802

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