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  • Amphora vase a black determine pottery with the illustration of God Dionysus and the dancing Maenads. It is a superb museum duplicate of the historical Greek vase painter Amasis (c. 560–515 BCE). The unique is placed withinside the National Library in Paris. Amphora or Amphorae became a field utilized by the Ancient Greeks to move and keep loads of products, each liquid and dry, however more often than not wine. They have been usually manufactured from ceramic, however metals and different substances have additionally been discovered. Amphorae versions have been the various many shapes utilized in Ancient Greek vase painting.


    The Attic black-determine pottery regularly represented scenes stimulated via way of means of myths, epics, in addition to political, social, and cultural corporations of historical Athens. Such scenes have been an awful lot greater marketable, betraying the cutting-edge issues of Athenian citizens, and regularly conveyed oblique social or political messages. Images on Amphora depicting commerce, industry, or greater traditional components of the regular lives of the Athenians have been very rare.

    Ancient Greek pottery vase, Amphora Vase, Black figure pottery, Greek pottery

    143,00 €Price
    • 📜Front side: Greek God Dionysus holding a cantharus and greeting two dancing Maenads, who hold in their hands a rabbit as well as ivy branches.

      📜Backside: Α representation of Greek goddess Athena with Greek god Poseidon

      📜 Type: Black Figure, Archaic-Classical

      📜 Circa: 540-530 BC

      📜Condition: New, handmade in Greece

      📜 Materials: Ceramic

      📜 Dimensions: Width 15 cm (5.91 inches) - Height 20 cm (7.87 inches)

      📜 Weight: 0,700 kilograms (1.54 pounds)

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