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  • Perfect Cycladic figurine museum replica of mother and child made of Porestone. The Cyclades, a closely packed insular complex in the central and south Aegean Sea, comprises 35 large islands and numerous smaller ones. They were famous for the top quality marble statues. This figure represents mother and child – Mother Goddess a symbol of second birth.

    High quality replica out of porestone is a perfect center piece of any modern or bohemian home. It’s a piece that people can talk about around it for hours and it gives that final classy look. Also suitable for offices and other enviroments.


    Ancient Greek large porestone statue Cycladic figurine mother and child perfect

    79,00 €Price
    • 🗿 Condition: New, Handmade in Greece

      🗿 Materials: Porestone

      🗿 Circa: 3200 – 2000 BC

      🗿 Dimensions: Height 25 cm (9.84 inches)

      🗿 Weight: 3,20 kilos (7.05 pounds)

      🗿 Product code number: IGNKE8

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