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Amphora vase black and red figure types

Amphora or Amphorae was a container used by the Ancient Greeks to transport and store a variety of products, both liquid and dry, but primarily wine. They were typically made of ceramic, but metals and other materials have also been discovered. Amphorae variants were among the many shapes used in Ancient Greek vase painting.

Attic black-figure pottery often represented scenes inspired by myths, epics, as well as political, social, and cultural organizations of ancient Athens. Such scenes were much more marketable, betraying the contemporary concerns of Athenian citizens, and often conveyed indirect social or political messages. Images on Amphora depicting commerce, industry, or more conventional aspects of the everyday lives of the Athenians were very rare.

The famous Phliax vase an amazing red figure pottery Krater made with the exact technique of ancient greek potters.

Phliax vase red figure pottery

In this handmade black figure pottery museum replica, we see Achilles and Ajax sit facing each other and play with pessi, a game invented by Palamedes. From their mouths, we read what they threw: Achilles four, Ajax three. They are both dressed in war, playing dice to pass the time while on a shift in the Trojan War.

Amphora of Exekias vase

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